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How to Develop Positive Parenting Tips

Date Added: December 15, 2012 04:20:30 AM
Author: Mariam Gleber
Category: Health
Are you interested in positive parenting? This approach to parenting mainly concentrates on desirable behavior instead of undesirable behavior in kids. Being a positive parent doesn't mean you should be overly permissive. Children require boundaries, not just for their safety but so they can learn what's acceptable and what's not. By focusing more on positive behavior, however, you'll be more effective in leading your children to the right direction. In this article, we'll talk about a few basic principles of positive parenting. Praising your child is an essential aspect of positive parenting. This must be done correctly, though, otherwise you won't be able to properly communicate the message to your child. Being specific is important, although it's fine if you let your children know how great they are in general. If your child makes the bed or finishes the food on his or her plate, praise that action. Don't indiscriminately give out praises or it will all become meaningless. When you give praise, do so in a consistent manner and only when it is appropriate. This will indicate to your child that the praises you give him or her are genuine. When your child behaves inappropriately, you need to correct it immediately. However, when you do so, don't directly criticize your child. Put your focus on the behavior that's undesirable and take the time to explain to your child the inappropriateness of the behavior. Fo example, if your child scores low on a particular test. What you need to do at this instance is put an emphasis on why he or she should study harder. Never say that your child is stupid or bad. If your child breaks a rule, tell your child why the rule is there and that you expect him or her to behave appropriately in the future. Putting a negative label on the child, however, is only going to reinforce the unwanted behavior. You should always criticize or correct the behavior rather than the child. Adequate rest and sleep is needed by children so they can be healthy and well-behaved. If your children are quite young, make sure they're getting their naps regularly in addition to their sleep at night. Your children need to go to sleep each night at a reasonable hour. Sometimes consuming too much sugar or caffeinated beverages can interfere with a child's sleep, so be aware of their diet. There are studies indicating rest and sleep are inversely correlated to problems in learning and behavior in children. If children get less rest and sleep, they tend to have more learning and behavior issues. It isn't easy to practice positive parenting and as a parent, don't be too hard on yourself if you make a mistake. Good parenting doesn't mean having well-behaved kids or infinite patience on the part of the parents. You practice good parenting when you take an active interest in the live and activities of your child. We have shared some tips on positive parenting that you can use so that you become a more effective parent. For more insights from this author please see this page: child care
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