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Russian Females Look For Love Overseas

Date Added: February 28, 2010 03:22:22 PM
Author: midkayla748
Category: Society: Organizations
Some people overseas often wonder why Russian females hunt for boy-friends outside Russia. First and foremost, the present demographic situation in Russia is very urgent. Females greatly outnumber males, in particular women over thirty. Therefore, it is almost impossible for a 30-year-old to get married in the homeland. If a woman has kids, she is also unlikely to put on a wedding dress. Second, there are a large number of Russian males addicted to alcohol. Alcohol addiction does not only totally destroy males' health but also their families. Third, due to the constantly changing economic situation in the country the majority of Russian females take up jobs, usually on a full-time basis, to supplement their husbands' income or sometimes to provide for their families as the only breadwinner. Nonetheless, after a tiring working day they have a number of duties to perform at home, such as taking care of kids and spouse and keeping house. Infrequent are cases when Russian men are able to earn enough, so that their wives could stay at home. Russian men usually spend time with friends, chase after other females, drink and do not help about the house. Women who lack confidence, put up with the unacceptable conduct of their husbands, others file for divorce. Therefore, desperate Russian ladies leave the motherland in search of stable, secure life overseas. Educated women speaking a foreign language, preferably English, find it much easier to establish relationships with overseas males, as they overcome ethnic and language barriers and get accustomed to a new life style quicker. Their ability to combine a career with household duties makes them perfect life partners for western men. Many Russian females believe that foreign males make better husbands, as they are more liberated, family-oriented in comparison to Russian males, and will help about the house. They think that they will create a stable financially secure union with foreign men. A lot of Russian females also believe that in the West they will have more opportunities for self-realization and can provide a happier childhood for their kids than in the motherland. There are countless examples of successful international marriages with Russian ladies. If the relationships in the marriage are based on reciprocal trust, respect, understanding and affection, cultural differences will not be a hindrance to create a stable happy family.
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