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Open Source and Web Development

Date Added: November 17, 2012 01:34:34 PM
Author: Charles Hopes
Category: Internet and Web Services: Web Design
Web development is the main object for any software company. Large companies require a large number of web developers and some companies handle the task of web developing with the help of web masters and graphic designers. It is the creation of a web site for internet as well as intranet. Open source web development is a helping hand to the growing generation of the world web. Nowadays the open source web development is found almost free of costs as the charges are managed from sponsorship and advertisements. There are certain frameworks with the help of which the websites are designed in such a way that it can generate income from targeted or the random clients. Among all these frameworks animation is the one which is very important. It works like several images are weaved together to create the impression of an image which is hardly undistinguishable from the live pictures. These always provide an entertaining animation sequence which often leaves a lasting impression on the mind of the viewers. Search Engine Optimization is also helpful in such a case. We often come across the words that such and such website companies are SEO friendly, it means that search engines are for readers even though SEO implies writing web pages for search engines. In the website developing programme the web application use a server that is connected with the web unlike the desktop application. It is important because SEO does the task of informing the customers in an interesting way. Under open source web development services, software development also falls. Software development is the development of software through programming. Moreover, today is the day of online programming. So the web development is also working online a lot. Online web development has led to a lot of business expansion. This has also lead to the enhancement of communication and network interaction. Then come the time of social networking, which has enabled the world to integrate together. Today there are a large number of Facebook users and everyday it is growing like a tree. It has become so popular that it has come in mobile as well as ipads etc. so that it can be carried by people while travelling around the world. These things are carried out in mobiles and other accessories by installing or downloading the software. The social networking also helps to crate public profiles and interact with others. E- commerce is also included with SEO which increase the visibility of the business online the most. Here Drupal is important as it is a multi-user system, used to promote content through networking sites. Even though it is very fast, it is highly secure. PHP development also is a vital part of open source web development. It facilitates the development and the maintenance of the websites. It standardizes the security avoiding code repetition. PHP frame works must be easy, efficient and extensible which will make the system much user- friendly. e- learning module and e- commerce application are important online store for a huge number of products. Online business are getting help from this application as all the vital things are taken into consideration like shipping procedure, taxes levied or security of payment. Everything is fully ensured. Os commerce helps the customers to see their product’s history etc. magneto, a most recent form of e-commerce technology which enables the merchant to control the whereabouts of his store. Finally website revamping is there to keep one in contact with the up to dates with the international trends. For more information visit here.
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