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Try Out Sexual Spanking for Best Sensations

Date Added: February 27, 2010 11:30:19 AM
Author: akak03293
Category: Recreation and Sports: Toys
BDSM is shortened from Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission and Sadomasochism. It may be either masochistic and painful or highly erotic and sexually exciting. It bears a resemblance to a love game where one wants to be slavish and the other wants to be dominant. The roles are not inflicted upon partners and partners can change them. Flogging is a BDSM technique that involves whipping or beating a sexual partner with whipping accessories, such as whips, paddles, canes, floggers and so on. The flogger is a whip with lashes as a rule caled "falls". Suede, leather, rubber, rope are the best materials to make falls of. The length, the number and the way falls are composed influence the sensation caused by the flogger. Floggers are normally characterized by the sensation they cause. The sensation caused by floggers can also vary according to techniques used by the dominant. Floggers are frequently administered to areas of the body which are well-muscled or protected by body fat. A good flogger does not cause any damage. However, you should be cautious. Do not hit the lower back to avert damaging kidneys. Butts, thighs and the upper back are viewed to be suitable areas to flog. Erotic spanking is the act of spanking a sexual partner for the sexual gratification of either or both partners. Activities vary from episodic sexual role-play (such as age-play) to home discipline and may involve either the use of a hand or various spanking implements, such as a spanking paddle or cane. In many cultures pain is associated with an aphrodisiac. For instance, the Kamasutra explains how to correctly strike a partner during sex. Erotic spankings are typically coupled by other forms of stimulation, such as oral sex, sexual role-playing and/or age-play. The most widespread technique of erotic spanking is administered on bare buttocks but can also be combined with restraint in order to boost sexual arousal and the feeling of helplessness. A spanking kit is an essential element of spanking. It is called a spanking skirt or a spank skirt. It has an extra opening intended to show the butts. Though the name "spank skirt" suggests that the wearer could be spanked "bare bottom" without removing or taking off the skirt, this item can be put on for purposes other than spanking (for instance, exposure). Spanking clothes are often tight-fitting and made of leather, PVC or latex.
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