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In Spite of Recession, Online Dating Industry is Increasing

Date Added: June 26, 2011 07:17:34 AM
Author: Eddie Deville
Category: Blogs: Personal
It is no longer breaking news when, during times of economic hardship and additional stress, people seek a companion. It makes sense as, in the end, we are each humans who seek companions. It is not for humans to live without friendship or love. Even those whom we might otherwise deem “bad” because of criminal activities and the like, are still humbled by acts of affection or love. This is severely indicative of the business opportunity that has opened up for those beginning a niche dating business. The key to success in these businesses is being able to provide and market services which meet a specific interest of yours as well as a niche. Thankfully, in the dating market, there is a wide variety of niche markets. For those who are unfamiliar with this idea, in the dating industry, niche markets are those sites which target specific interests, needs, or fields. It is important for those who are beginning a niche business in this industry to avoid general sites such as and their marketable services. Instead, look for markets that do not cost millions in advertising because the market sells itself. All of the data available demonstrates clearly that in spite of a recession and the current downturn of the economy that the online dating industry is growing. experienced a record increase of 47% in the three months following the crash in November of 2008. The dating site also experienced a membership growth since November of 2008. This provides further support to the idea that during times of economic hardship, the dating industry is growing. This is especially true of the online dating industry because it does not require the same fiscal investment that going out night after night, taking dates to bars and restaurants and movies has. It can be done from the safety and security and free atmosphere of your own home. This means that more people are searching for relationships which carry meaning, relationships which are based on something that cannot be taken away during a financial crisis, relationships based on love. By targeting specific dating niches, those starting a social networking site or a dating site can generate more profits.  Eddie D, the writer of this article is married and is from California. See additional projects of Eddie here; watch my girlfriend movies and watchmygf pics at these sites.
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