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BETA Awards 2012

Date Added: May 03, 2012 06:34:54 AM
Author: voiceblast123
Category: Computers and Internet
InfoTech Niagara named IVR Technology Group’s subsidiary Patient Intel as Rookie of the Year at this year’s BETA awards! Akash and Chirag Desai, along with Akshay Kapur and Eugene Krofah, work to utilize SMS, IVR, and mobile application technology to foster much-lacking patient-provider conversation. Being recognized with the award of Rookie of the Year means Patient Intel is considered to be a potential new leader in the industry. Patient Intel was thrilled and the team at ITG couldn’t be more proud! The BETA awards was a fun night of camaraderie and celebration as businesses and leaders in the field work towards strengthening Western New York’s infrastructure one pat on the back at a time. Between the overtly dramatic skits to the overflowing gratitude by all 350 guests, Akash and Chi truly enjoyed the energy of the night. While IVR Technology Group didn’t collect a BETA award this year, they were finalists for Tech Culture: an organization that fosters a positive, encouraging, and productive work environment through the use of technology. As a mom of three little boys and full time employee of ITG, I function daily through the technological advantages afforded me as I work from home, a coffee shop, or even my porch swing 3 days a week. Whether it be syncing up with the guys on Skype, sharing a blog post in its earliest stages on Google Docs or dumping a folder of voice prompts I’ve recorded on FileZilla for one of our programming ninjas to code, I am Tech Culture to the core. I love the versatility, flexibility and encouragement afforded me through my position at ITG. The BETAs was a night of fun and rejuvenation. Congratulations to Patient Intel and all the others who are stepping up and producing amazing, creative companies representing and strengthening WNY!   ivr technology group, beta awards, beta awards 2012, InfoTech Niagara, patient intel, sms application, ivr application, mobile applicatio - tab1n, ivr technology group blogs IVR Technology Group, LLC- IVR, Custom & Hosted IVR, IVR Systems, Voice Broadcasting, Cloud Call Center, Text & SMS Marketing, Predictive Dialer and Toll Free Numbers.
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