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Canalith Repositioning

Date Added: February 03, 2012 05:56:04 PM
Author: marketer
Category: Health
Doctors have wrestled with how to treat vertigo in patients but recently have done a review of 40 years of research on the treatment of BPPV. Their conclusion recommends the use of a technique known as the Epley Maneuver to take a first crack at moving the ear rocks into the right place. This series of movements has also been called the Canalith Repositioning technique and it can be found in several variations on the Internet. Helpful videos can also guide you as to what needs to be done in case your health professional has not heard of this approach, which is gaining acceptance worldwide. Canalith Repositioning has been found to have a cure rate of 80-90% in patients with BPPV, but it is still not yet taught in medical schools and some professionals scoff at its simplicity. Far from some quack cure, Canalith Repositioning actually makes a lot of sense when you realize that the objective is to move crystals from one position in your ear to another place where they will no longer affect your balance. Steps to Take If You Experience Severe Vertigo Once you have consulted a medical professional and received a diagnosis of BPPV, you should know which ear is causing you the difficulty that you are experiencing. With that knowledge, you can have your doctor guide you through Canalith Repositioning movements.������ Then, you can take this knowledge home and perform the movements yourself. Many patients continue Canalith Repositioning 2-3 times each night before going to bed to ensure that no new crystals take up residence where they should not.
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