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Date Added: January 23, 2012 12:49:28 PM
Author: Sammarth Lovya
Category: Science and Technology: Energy
Uncomfortable conditions in buildings and spaces-too hot or too cold, restrict the ability of workers to function to full capacity and can lead to lowered job satisfaction and increase in illness symptoms. Physical comfort is critical to work effectiveness, satisfaction, and physical and psychological well-being. It is useful to think of a > Wind E" href="">natural ventilation system as a circuit, giving equal consideration to supply and exhaust. Ventilation techniques using Turbo ventilators can be employed to complete the airflow circuit through a building in addition to door and window openings. > Wind E" href="">Natural ventilation can be used as an alternative to mechanical ventilation through air-conditioning plants, saving 10%-30% of total energy consumption. Key Benefits Reduced operating costs - eliminating the power used to mechanically ventilate and cool. Reduced construction costs - by downsizing or eliminating the cooling equipment. Reduced building energy use - reducing the environmental impact caused by power generation. Potentially increased productivity of building occupants - due to real or perceived improvements in the indoor environment.
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