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Cheque Printing Software

Date Added: September 06, 2010 12:04:24 PM
Author: sankalp
Category: Computers and Internet
Sankalp Computer & Systems Pvt. Ltd., a well established organization since 2001. It provides consultancy & IT services. The company deals with a varied range of products such as SMS Integrator, E-pin Generator, Bazaar Soft, Cheque Printing Software etc. As per the market survey, Sankalp is one of the leading software solution providers. Sankalp strongly believes in Customer Satisfaction through Quality and Innovation. Our customer includes the most prestigious and successful companies in MLM domain. The business transactions in Sankalp is carried out not only in India but also in other countries too like Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nigeria and the list goes on. We have a Corporate Office in Pune whose carpet area is more than 5,000 Sq.Ft. with all amenities and a Branch Office in Hyderabad. Sankalp is a  Microsoft Certified Partner.  The name and business strength earned by Sankalp today, is due to professionally equipped and great leaders of foresight and imagination who have a varied experience of the global market and have a good knowledge and commitment to serve the customers up to their satisfaction. This is further enhanced by the innovative ideas of the management who strive from time to time in creating awareness and keeping the company at par with the latest development in today’s World. Sankalp offers competitive prices in the market and continue to lead its industry. Sankalp’s Cheque Printing Software is a simple yet powerful application used to make the process of printing of your Cheques faster and easier. It prints on your own personal Cheques. There are many features that simplify the whole process of printing personal Cheques. There is a fully functional database that stores your Payees, and many more sets of data. The Check printing software will help you to print Cheques in your bank's format. It is probably one of the easiest Personal Cheque Printing software in the market today. Salient features of Cheque Printing Software: 1. Can add multiple banks and bank accounts. 2. Can add multiple narrations. 3. Can add various details of the payee. 4. Can create own check format. 5. Easily managed through the non-accounting person or companies. 6. Supports any type of printer. 7. Automatically converts amount into words. 8. No need of special paper. 9. Prints on your normal cheque books. 10. Secure. 11. Writing, Printing and canceling the cheque. 12. Detailed reports. 13. Set-up wizard for setting Cheques for particular bank, size of entry, fonts, languages etc. 14. User-friendly, flexible, powerful and reliable. 15. Can be exported to Excel etc. 16. Can see the print preview. 17. Can adjust the font settings of the Cheque. 18. Post dated Cheque generation alert. 19.Can print stamp from software, no need to put the stamp on cheque manually. 20.Can choose your bank from the list of banks and also set your default bank. 21.Can also print account no. via software. 22. Can do write and print transaction simultaneously. 23. Can delete the Cheque in Print transaction as well. 24. Provision for canceling the Cheque and reuse the Cheque no. has been given. For more details, please visit : Or Mail on : Call on: +91 9881107726
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