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iPhone 4 Vs iPhone 4S

Date Added: December 19, 2011 12:26:08 PM
Author: Arnold Parker
Category: Computers and Internet
Are you confused between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S? Are you looking forward to upgrade your iPhone 4 to 4S version? Or else you are looking to explore yourself with differences between iPhone 4 and 4S?     If these are some of the questions that are scratching your head throughout day and night, then stop worrying now! You will get answers to all your questions and queries about iPhone 4 and 4S. If you think that iPhone 4 and 4S are similar, then your assumptions are totally wrong. Maybe while looking at both the smart phones you can't make out the difference, but they both possess some different and unique features.   Whenever you will compare these two smart phones, then with its Siri voice -activated personal assistant, 1080p video capability and, CDMA plus GSM chip features iPhone 4S goes ahead. The first and the foremost difference lies in the letter ‘S’ which stands for improved and enhanced speed, thus leaving iPhone 4 behind. If you are thinking what’s new on 4S, then iOS 5 is the major update which comes along with iMessage and an updated notification system. I know iPhone 4S doesn't have that thin and a slim body, but a nice camera with new processor is all that which it includes. With 4S you can see your local weather on the home screen itself. iMessage lets you send unlimited free MMS and SMS to anyone.   In addition, Twitter is already integrated in iOS 5 where all the notifications will directly go in the Notification Centre. You will find 8 megapixel camera in iPhone 4S, which is high in comparison to iPhone 4. If we talk in terms of pixels, the front facing camera goes from 720 pixels to 1080 pixels though it still remains a 0.3 MP one. The 4S version also comprises of hybrid GSM+CDMA cellular connectivity whereas the iPhone 4 had quad-band GSM/ CDMA cellular connectivity.   Lastly is the Siri voice –activated personal assistant feature in iPhone 4S that makes it an amazing smart phone. It’s a voice recognition technology which works at its best when talking about the weather, calendar appointments and contacts. It is actually a true wonder. So if you have an iPhone 4, then certainly you can jump to iPhone 4S as it will be easy for you to make out the differences and in case you don’t then definitely enjoy the Apple consistent and cohesive environment.   For more information on apple iphone 4 and iPhone 4 Application Developer from India. Visit  
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