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National park of China (part 1)

Date Added: July 06, 2010 09:35:14 AM
Author: lisayeung
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1.the Great Wall   The Great Wall is one of the seven miracles in the world.Over two thousand years have passed since the construction of the Great Wall began. It is the longest and greatest wall in the world. Starting from the Shanhaiguan Pass in the east and ending at the Jiayuguan Pass in the west, it covers a total length of over 13,400 li (6,700 kilometres). While the Great Wall in its various versions had real military defensive functions, it also served symbolic purposes. 2.Guilin Scenery   It is said that "up above in heaven there's paradise and down on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou."Jervois beauty of the world must, Guilin, a human landscape.Guilin is famous Chinese landscapes, water Xiushan odd landscape equal.When you are in Guilin, you have to pay Lijiang a visit. It is the essence of Guilin landscape beauty.Furthermore, the brilliant local Zhuang ethnic-group culture and the picturesque landscape of Guilin appeal deeply to the tourists. 3.West Lake of Hangzhou   The famous West Lake:It is like a brilliant pearl embedded in the beautiful and fertile shores of the East China Sea near the mouth of the Hangzhou Bay.The West Lake in Hangzhou is a masterpiece of natural and cultural fusion and a model of national aesthetics.Hangzhou West Lake is only one national civilization scenic spot in Zhejiang.The beauty of the West Lake in Hangzhou was what impressed Marco Polo most during his trip to China. 4.Forbidden City, Beijing, China   Beijing imperial palace of the Ming and qing dynasties is forbidden, say again.the Imperial Palace in Beijing have been 500 years of history, is the Ming and Qing dynasties of the palace."Tai He Hall (Hall of Supreme Harmony)" in Beijing Palace Museum represents Chinese ancient architectures and the stable state political power.A Qing Dynasty Emperor, attach importance to the text to play taste, their appreciation of the seal used by the vast majority of possession in the Imperial Palace in Beijing. 5.Suzhou traditional garden   It is the way ancient architects lay out things in the suzhou gardens that makes them unique.Suzhou garden most important natural spirit, nature, and outside contracting,Xuanyijiayuan constructed simplified Suzhou garden, retained Jiangnan style.Suzhou garden is the world culture. It is east design idea from artist, poet, rich lead.
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