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House Planning - Observing A Psychological Approach

Date Added: May 17, 2010 03:28:42 PM
Author: insfo63
Category: Blogs: Personal
It has been proven that the interior of the place we live in influences our mood and inner state. Luckily, the time when the home interior was grounded on practicability and utility is in the dim and distant past, and a personal and a psychological aspects are at the forefront today. An apartment or a private house is gradually turning from the space we live in into the place that reflects our inner world. The style is based on the two major factors - comfort and harmony. The psychological approach to the home interior includes two major functions. The most widely spread and common is a harmonizing function when the decor of a room or the whole house reflects its owner's temperament, his perception of the outside world. Such a decor creates the atmosphere of harmony and calm. Nontrivial solutions can scarcely suit. Such an approach actually assumes interior inactivity towards its owner. Owing to optimal combination of shades and structures of decorative materials, the interior is adapted to an individual and reflects his inner ego. The other function is stimulating. Such an approach assumes a certain connection between the design and a human mind. Today design plays an active role: it either favorably accentuates owner's certain features of character and temperament or it smoothes and levels unfavorable qualities. For instance, such an interior can balance an impetuous choleric or encourage a melancholic who is inclined to depression. It is not a secret that the popularity of feng-shui nowadays is mainly determined by the great selection of methods available for organizing stimulating space. But feng-shui successors claim that favorable planning of space can magically impact not only on the minds of house dwellers, but also the events in their lives, success in private and social life. No doubt, an ideal design should combine both stimulating and harmonizing functions. But not every person can get a professional consultancy from a feng-shui master. Yet, one can learn and use the key aspects of personal approach to house arrangement on their own. The interior design begins with space planning, creating a certain inner space structure. Psychologists consider such structuring to be of paramount importance. It sets the rhythm of life in a house and often imposes specific types of relationships in a house: between house dwellers and between house dwellers and their guests. Though there are many forms of house planning, there should be mentioned two main types: close and open interior. For detailed information on the subject-matter, visit
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