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Perform the best deepthroat fellatio

Date Added: February 28, 2010 07:03:15 PM
Author: addriana747
Category: Shopping: Entertainment
A type of oral sex performed on the penis is called FELLATIO. The term "fellatio" comes from Latin and denotes "to suck". In the present-day language it is usually known as a blowjob. Both men and women perform fellatio that is regarded as an exceedingly intimate and pleasurable sexual activity for those who are involved in it. It is unknown who was the first to practise fellatio. Nonetheless, it is proved to have been extensively practised in ancient civilizations. For instance, fellatio is featured in Kama Sutra with a complete direction on how to perform it. Now, as well as in the past, fellatio is practised to raise sensuality and bring a man to an intense climax. It is performed during arousal before penetration or as a part of oral sex. Fellatio can fall into 4 categories. A traditional fellatio is when the giver is active and the receiver is passive. The second type of fellatio is when the person performing it is inactive and the receiver is active, thrusting while penetrating the sexual partner's mouth. The third kind is called autofellatio in which a man is able to perform "blowjob" on his own penis. And the last kind is a deepthroat fellatio. It was named after a 1972 pornographic movie which focuses on it. This method includes taking the entire erected penis in the mouth. The technique requires training to avoid gagging. A step-by-step guidance on how perform deepthroating appropriately can be read at The stimulation may lead to an orgasm and ejaculation of semen which may or may not be swallowed, according to individual preferences. It should be remembered that powerful sexual arousal of the penis will make the organ produce a small quantity of fluid before ejaculation. Its purpose is to clean the urethra prior to ejaculation as well as to lubricate the foreskin during foreplay and intercourse. Some men consider the reception of oral sex a form of dominance over their partners, which enhances their ego. Also, when the giver swallows the receiver's ejaculated semen, some males subconsciously believe that their partner accepts them.
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