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Wooden Toys for Children 12 to 36 Months

Date Added: December 05, 2012 03:23:11 AM
Author: Jeremy Kippler
Category: Recreation and Sports: Toys
Here is a section dedicated to children of this tender age of 12 to 36 months, in which children approach the world of toys. Being still so small and often need to taste everything, it is important to ensure that these toys that are constantly in children's mouth should be made with particular care. For this reason often companies like tend to prefer selected European companies that certify each individual toy according to age and give us confidence that our children can play safe. The wooden toys that are offered are suitable to be handled safely, to develop the motor skills of the child. Colours are non-toxic and resistant to saliva. Wood is a natural material and eco-friendly. Some of these children's wooden toys are made using exclusively European beech and maple wood, from healthy European forests. So what are the first games to offer to children as soon as they begin to move independently? - Early in the growth puzzles with knobs and hidden figures are good to exercise their skill and play. - Wooden Pet pulled toys. These become inseparable playmates to run around all over the house. - Push wooden pets. These children's wooden toys are played using a stick to hold. These are more for children who already move independently and enjoy watching their walking toy that moves in front of the. - Towers and figures to be inserted into other wooden boxes. These toys help practice the manual inserting of one wooden block into another. - Their first vehicle in wood with a shape of cars or animals on wheels. This toy specifically helps to interact with the surrounding space. - There are multi-activity toys that are designed to accompany the first steps, and then to carry the treasures of each child and eventually to become a stroller for dolls. - First games in wood: at the age of 24 months onwards you can start to make some simple games, like some classical wooden animals to match the other outgrown toys. - Tower of cubes made of recycled wood. These are timeless game, made robust in recycled wood and printed with environmentally friendly inks. The best thing of having wooden toys is that if they get dirty, you simply clean them with warm water and dry them thoroughly, they will sparkle again. Do not expose them to moisture for too long and do not use detergents or disinfectants to clean them. To know more about our balance bikes, please visit my website:
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