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The art of no art

Date Added: December 05, 2012 01:17:56 AM
Author: Jeremy Kippler
Category: Arts and Humanities: Design Arts
Canvas frames In the last fifty years, art has changed a lot, mainly due to advances in technology. It is perplexing of what has become of contemporary art. You may notice very simple art pieces, which generally cause controversy, as these are very easy to imitate or reproduce them better, and the only thing that the author takes as credit is the fact of having been the first to have created such art. A reminder, this is not a race, of the winner is the artist that does something first. Art is a manifestation of emotion and not a race. There are several works of art that puzzle us, some artists paint monochrome paintings, others do not go beyond the walls of their own kitchen by painting on cans of beans, there are those that are even too lazy to put a simple canvas frame around their picture in the museum; There are artists that express their emotions through a video showing how paint dries on the wall, others just rely on a common chair or sofa or any other everyday object. In the latter case, the change in location of an object would turn it into the same work of art. This situation is paradoxical and funny, because the public pays the entrance to the exhibition to see, surrounding, pictures, chairs and sofas in a museum. A sight that can be seen at home. The public would be better off going to a furniture store, to see not only the same things, but also find a much better quality and design, the entrance is free and the price of the couch, the chair, is affordable. Having seen these commonalities and banal pieces of art many now look for the hidden art in art. The best place to find these profound messages of art are in paintings where the canvas frames have been considered when creating these master pieces. In Modern art, simply when you don't understand, maybe the meaning is shallow; it is through true inspiration that an artist is able to bring art to silence. There are some critics and artists write a lot on contemporary art and state it to be invaluable, there will be people willing to pay the museum entrance to see this piece, and maybe someone will buy it and pay a lot of money at an auction. Therefore don't be fooled by contemporary simple art that are spaces filled with furniture or objects that make no sense, but truly turn to paintings where there have been hours dedicated to portray on this art in canvas frames deep emotions and feelings. Don't try to focus on art that is not there. To know more about our inkjet canvas, please visit my website:
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