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The Vibrator: How It Began

Date Added: February 27, 2010 04:28:50 PM
Author: moiizesss56
Category: Recreation and Sports: Toys
The electrically powered vibrator was invented by K. Stinner in the eighties of the XIX century to treat what was then called "congestion of the genitals" and "female hysteria". Their common symptoms were indisposition, insomnia, anxiety, annoyance and so on. For many centuries, doctors had been curing women for these illnesses by performing what we in the XXI century would recognise as masturbation. They stimulated women's genital area manually till they experienced sexual gratification, or as it was called "hysterical paroxysm". Hysteria was not a severe medical condition, yet, it required permanent treatment. Pelvic massage was hard for doctors to master, and it took hours for "hysterical paroxysm" to be achieved. The appearance of the electric vibrator made it possible to achieve the expected result in a mater of several minutes. With the widespread of electric vibrators, women sick with hysteria started exploiting them for self-treatment in private, which made the vibrator one of the most required products. Doctors, nevertheless, were reluctant to admit that female hysteria was deeply rooted in physical dissatisfaction and the vibrator was designed to compensate for the insufficiency of sexual pleasure. The first man who explained the origin of female hysteria and called it a pseudo-disease was Sigmund Freud. He invented the term "libido" and demonstrated the function of inborn instincts in the life of every single person. Nowadays the vibrator is viewed as an effective sex accessory for a female learning to climax or to do it speedily and easily. Most females who exploit it do not find it a replacement for the penis. Quite the contrary, they introduce the vibrator into their intimate life to have a multiple orgasm or have it quicker with sexual partners. Vibrators are known for boosting sexual drive in women and sensitivity. Yet, there have been a few examples when because of the excessive use of the vibrator women desensitized nerve endings of the genital area, which made further usage of the vibrator compulsory to get physical excitement. Females get addicted to vibrator stimulation and cannot experience sexual satisfaction when having sex with a partner. So, the vibrator should be used reasonably as a helpful device.
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