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Glass dildo sex toys - a comparative analysis

Date Added: February 27, 2010 01:43:19 PM
Author: issabelle779
Category: Shopping: Entertainment
GLASS DILDOS are wonderful adult toys for self-pleasure, foreplay or to protract the excitement of sex. These luxury love toys can be powerful instruments for pleasure. Sometimes it feels great to use a traditional in-and-out technique. Yet, if you want to have an unforgettable sex that ends up with a stronger orgasm, try out glass dildo toys. Pyrex glass is a common material for glass dildo toys. It is an extremely strong, unbreakable material which can be warmed or cooled down in the fridge. Glass dildos maintain temperature well. Still, try to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations and always try on your forearm before deploying on highly sensitive body parts. Commonly, glass dildos resemble works of art. However, the spiral wraps, bumps, nubs and curves that can be seen on glass dildos are also designed to sexually arouse sensitive zones. Sensitivity to the style nuances differs from person to person and during a lovemaking session and can trigger a stronger orgasm. Curved dildo toys are specially made to reach and sexually arouse the G-spot in properly or to feel super when stroking in and out. Keep in mind that glass is very hard and will hurt if you hit the pelvic bone inappropriately. Because glass is non-porous, unlike many other materials that adult sex toys are made of, there is no place for germs, bacteria and dirt to hide, thus making them hypoallergenic. Some materials are known to trigger allergic reactions in males and females due to the chemicals they contain; still, this does not happen to glass. Because they do not absorb any germs or bacteria and are free from chemicals, glass adult toys can serve you much longer if deployed and stored in the proper way. By deploying glass dildo toys you can save cash on lubricants. If compared with porous adult toys, glass dildo toys do not absorb lubricants. Hence, extra lubrication is not required, once the genitals have been lubricated. Water- or silicone-based lubricants work better than oil-based ones. Since glass dildo toys do not absorb anything, they are easy to clean and do not need scrubbing etc. Read more about glass dildos at
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