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Tree Saw Advantages

Date Added: October 27, 2012 03:32:25 AM
Author: Jeremy Kippler
Category: Reference: Environment and Nature
Do you have trees in the yard that need pruning? Perhaps you have a branch that's just too high up to reach? Maybe you want to collect some mistletoe for your Christmas decorations, but it's just to far to reach? If that's the case, then you need a solid, high quality pole saw to do the job right. A pole saw is literally that, an elongated pole that comes in sections with a saw attachment on the end. You can adjust the length of your pole saw based on how many sections of the pole you attach. The pole saw is surprisingly easy to use, safe and lightweight as well. The versatility of the pole saw comes in very handy when you want to remove branches that are simply out of your reach. Here are a number of advantages that a pole saw encompasses for your work. Adjustability: Since the pole itself comes in a number of sections, you can add on to each end another section until you find the right length. Plus, you can always maneuver around under the tree to assist in finding the right spot to do the sawing. Weight: While the saw portion of the pole saw is heavy enough to bear down on the limb or branch to do the work, the pole saw itself is surprisingly lightweight and versatile. You can easily maneuver it through the branches to reach the one that you want to trim. Quality: The pole saw itself is made from high quality metals that do not bend, buckle, twist or fall apart under pressure. Plus, the saw itself is made from tool steel and will not break with normal use. Having a high quality product like this means years of work will get done, saving you money. No Ladders: One of the most dangerous aspects of trimming trees for the non-professional is the using ladders to get at hard to reach branches. Ladders are not made for the uneven ground beneath trees. Furthermore, the ground itself can have soft spots that push one end of the ladder down into the earth, meaning that it tilts to one side and can cause you to fall off. Not to mention the branches themselves can cause your ladder to slip and you to fall. With a pole saw, you don't have to worry about standing on a ladder as you can easily maneuver the saw where you want with no danger to yourself. Mistletoe: When the holidays arrive, one of the best traditional decorations is the mistletoe. While you can purchase them in stores, there is usually plenty of free mistletoe up in the trees for you to collect. Furthermore, you can even start your own little business of cutting down mistletoe, which is a parasite that damages trees by the way, while collecting enough to sell to different households for Christmas. You may not make a lot of money, but you will make a lot of people happy. Having a solid, high quality pole saw means you have a way to prune limbs and branches safely any time of the year. If you have trees, then you will need an ATSS pole saw. To know more of the advantages of an ATSS pole saw, please visit:
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