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What Has Happened To Alll Our High Street Stores?

Date Added: September 23, 2012 01:19:08 PM
Author: laura
Category: Recreation and Sports: Toys
Where would we survive if we couldn't just pop into our local shop for a couple of electrifying Games or something for your pets at home? All the rant and rave for mobiles and hi tech accessories are good fortune for the high streets store. A chance for them to make a gain and us to spend the pounds. It would be a very crazy world without shopping. Just imagine women all over the world how much we men would save as the females cannot do their day to day shopping. Joking ladies! We all know that shopping is of a girl's greatest escape to modern day life and the pressure that society puts on us. The need to have the latest brands in all our clothes, electronics, gadgets and gizmos is what retailers thrive on. Overwhelming desire for more,, we must have the best and they all know that the competition to offer the best is what we the consumers are looking for. However that's no longer the case of "high street shopping" With the pressure of work, following the governments suggestion of sports, fitness and maintaining a family. Our times at the shops have become less and less, it's a well-known fact that Britain is becoming bigger around the waist. A nation of inactive people sit at home with their boy's toys girly toys. TV on loud in the background stereo up loud and the kids running around playing their little games. I too am a culprit of today's issue and just how dependent I have become on the internet to manage my day to day shopping. Ebay, Amazon seem to cover all my needs for gifts." Birthdays and Christmas" have become less of an inconvenience due to the fact that at a click of a few buttons a 16 digit number and a magic process of hi speed broadband my presents for friends and family can be delivered to my door within the week. If I didn't have to work, imagine... I could be lazy and stay in bed under my soft duvet playing with my blackberry poking friends on facebook and dining out on chef villie. If that didn't take to your liking then you could always grab your notebook to keep your busy in bed, phone a friend for a gossip about Eastenders or emmeradale. You know you all do!! Our lives are far too busy, im far too lazy to throw on my clothes before or after work and drive to the shops. Catching public transport seems a chore in its self. That's why I turned to the WWW. The Big internet where you can just about find anything and most of all its so much fun. Bargains, price comparison, coupons, discounts toys, electronics, books, household goods, See how carried away I get. Im a big fan of google but just recently I too have been shopping for my children's toys and accessories at a site called "Shopping for fun". On here I found products for my kids under toys and leisure, items for sport where I could even find row boats. Great laugh for a family day out. But watch out for the water rapids! The list goes on. Offices accessories, fashion and pets items, looking for more? Follow the link. Sign up pass the link to your friends, slap a bargain on the checkout by dropping an email to sales that you know this big fat English bloke who sits at home all day shopping on his site. I'm sure you will get a response in the figure of a 20% discount! Signing up is an important part of the site because it allows you to collect points and keep in contact with the new products that arrive often. Forget the high street. Grab your mouse and if you're too lazy to click the link below then copy and paste this into Google. SHOPPING FUN FOR ALL. Don't forget to quote, in your email to the sales team about me. It's a small discount to say you read me and want a discount off your first order. You better all scarper off now before you all get cross eyes staring at all these words. One last time- "BARGAIN AT SHOPPING FUN FOR ALL". NEW MEMBERS ONLY. Going sleep, more online shopping for later.
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