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Enjoy Your Nights Wigh Anal Love Beads

Date Added: February 25, 2010 12:54:09 PM
Author: anygela757
Category: Recreation and Sports: Toys
What are anal beads? Sex beads represent a range of small round beads located evenly along a string (or sometimes fastened to a core). Some beads are of the same dimensions, while at the same time the dimensions of others increase bit by bit as you move them along the cord. These anal devices are designed to experience pleasant feelings that can occur as your anus muscles contract and relax around a series of small round objects. If pulled out at the moment of orgasm, you may experience an erotic excitement unlike any other. Ass beads are presented on the marketplace in a great number of materials: latex, rubber, silicone, glass, metal and so on. At the end of such love toy there is a ring or any other handle assigned to make the removal of a toy easy. There are also vibrating anal beads to enhance the sexual satisfaction. While making a choice what anal love beads device is better to take, take into consideration that it is reasonable to go from small size to bigger, in order to minimize the risk of strain and to provide gradual movement to the higher extent of pleasure. More info on the types of ass beads is presented at the web page Sex beads: How-tos Anal love beads are similar to any other kind of anal plug with an added plus: as each bead is inserted, the sphincter muscles open and close around each one for additional satisfaction. Some people like the sensation of having them pulled out all at once during the moment of orgasm. A great plus of butt beads is their universality. Butt beads are used by both sexes, by homosexuals and lesbians. They may be used during preludes or sexual intercourses, and while being on your own to feel thrilling emotions. An essential matter is using special sexual lubricant to prevent rectum injures. After being used anal love beads should be washed with soap and water and left to dry naturally. If you share your anal love beads toys with other people there is a risk to catch blood-borne illnesses. So use condoms to cover the sex device for hygiene reasons and to eliminate any foreign particles. Condoms will also prevent the beads from being stuck in the rectum.
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