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Clitoral stimulation is is of importance for female orgasm

Date Added: February 25, 2010 12:09:41 PM
Author: mamrissa714
Category: Shopping: Entertainment
It may surprise you, the clitoris serves only for providing a female with sexual satisfaction. During sexual stimulation and climax, the genital organs enlarges and alters color because of the blood inflow to the area, and a woman experience vaginal contractions. The recent study has showed that women can experience a protracted intense orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris and remain in the orgasmic phase for much longer than it was supposed before. The stimulation of this small sex organ is the key to woman climax. So, if the clitoris is ignored during lovemaking, a woman is not likely to climax. The matter is that the vagina contains an insignificant number of nerve endings. In fact, the deeper inside you penetrate, the fewer receptors are placed there. The clitoris can be stimulated either directly or indirectly ( contains detailed information on clitoral stimulation techniques). The indirect stimulation can occur when the man's pubic bone puts pressure on the clitoris while the man thrusts or when the penis rubs against the outer genitalia that are placed close to the clitoris and, so, during rubbing will send a nerve impulse to the sensual area. Nonetheless, statistics say that few females orgasm when the clitoris is stimulated indirectly. Direct stimulation includes oral, stimulation with fingers and clitoral stimulation with adult toys. Oral stimulation, also known as oral sex or cunnilingus, is one of the most effective techniques to massage the clitoris. In fact, some women say that it is the only way they can reach orgasm. The tongue can be used with skillful precision. It can be hard or soft, and saliva is a perfect natural lubricant. Though it is not as effective or exciting as oral sex, clitoral stimulation with fingers is very enjoyable. Adult sex toys offer maximal clitoral stimulation. Many are specially designed to stimulate the clitoral area with vibrations. They come in different shapes and sizes, but all of them offer gratifying sensations. Nonetheless, there have been some cases when because of the excessive use of the vibrators females desensitized receptors of the genitals, which made further usage of the vibrators compulsory to get sexual gratification. Females get addicted to vibrator stimulation and cannot have an orgasm during sex with a partner. Hence, the vibrators should be used properly as a useful aid for clitoral stimulation.
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