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What You Need To Know About Creating Digital Greeting Postcards

Date Added: February 24, 2010 12:28:14 PM
Author: carssandra86
Category: Reference: Arts and Humanities
The tradition of greeting friends and close relatives on holidays has a long history. The first greeting card was created in the fifteenth century on the Saint Valentine's Day. This card is kept now in one of London museums. The first post cards, also known as “open letters” that were sent without envelopes, have appeared in the nineteenth century, during the Franko-Prussian War. The objective of those postcards was checking the correspondence of soldiery. It became something common later to send illustrated postcards while being on a vacation in a foreign country or to greet people on their birthdays or other holidays. These days a conventional greeting card is given together with a present and serves as a written congratulation. But despite the variety of post cards nowadays, it's rather difficult to pick the card that will be to the place. That's why in the recent years there has been a trend to sending online cards. There's a huge selection of electronic cards of different genres in the Internet. Besides, there is a chance to customize any electronic card or to make a card by yourself. In such a way, you have all the opportunities to get a greeting card that will be truly special. It is nice to get a lovely postcard on your birthday, but in the majority of cases all the postcards you have got take place on the shelf of your bookcase among other papers that actually you do not need, but you don't want to throw. E-cards in their turn may be kept in computer memory for years, and you have a chance to look at them when you want. Besides, e-cards are easy to send. You may also choose the time you want the postcard to be sent. It is an amazing service since you will never forget about some important date. You have a chance to select the postcard and send it beforehand, and the recipient will get it on his birthday when he or she checks his mail. E-cards allow to create a congratulation that is not only dedicated to a particular person, but at the same time reflects your personality. That's the reason why online cards bring a storm of positive emotions and stay in the memory of recipient for years.
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