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How To Stimulate the G-Spot in Women

Date Added: February 22, 2010 01:10:32 AM
Author: seadovskih69
Category: Recreation and Sports: Toys
Nerve endings and touch receptors run through our body. The densest concentration of them and, hence, highly erogenous zones are called erogenous zones. By the middle of the 20th century, a woman's clitoral zone had been regarded to be the only source of female climax. In the year of 1950 a German gynecologist found another erogenous zone and documented this fact. The hidden G-spot (or as it is differently called the Grafenberg Spot named after the Berlin doctor), is an extremely erogenous zone which when stimulated can trigger the highest levels of climax and profound orgasms. Yet, the existence of the G-Spot zone is open to dispute among a lot of specialists. The G-spot is a bean shaped area of nerve tissue placed approximately one to three inches inside the vagina, on the anterior wall, right below the pelvic bone. It is said that its size differs among women. This zone has a different texture in comparison with the vagina. It is more ridged, rougher and enlarges to the size of a wallnut if aroused. Since the spot is located deep in the vaginal wall and is surrounded by tissue, some pressure should be put on to massage it. Remember that some females feel like they need to urinate when this area is massaged. This is is related to the fact that, as it gets bigger, it presses on the same nerves which indicate a full bladder. Most females agree, nevertheless, that if stimulation is on, this feeling vanishes and is replaced with enjoyable sensations. The G-spot responds to pressure rather than to touch. Thus, gentle stroking of the spot is not likely to trigger any results. It is more like massaging a pea under a thick cloth. There are a number of methods to massage the G-spot. It can be hit and massaged manually by moving fingers in circles in this erogenous spot. The rotational rhythm and pressure exerted on the entire vaginal wall are the keys to bring a female to orgasm. Penis stimulation is another way. Efficacious massaging of the G-spot greatly depends, in this case, on the position of both partners during sexual intercourse and anatomic characteristics of a male. Adult toys, for example vibrators etc, are also designed to hit and massage the G-spot and a large range out there points out that there is one for every female. Actually, stimulation of the G-spot is known as the fastest technique to make a female orgasm and experience a more profound climax. So, correctly locating and properly massaging of the erogenous zone will bring new experiences to sex life of both partners.
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