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Sex Toy Industry In India Is Under Governmental Control

Date Added: February 22, 2010 12:22:46 AM
Author: elyihusson61
Category: Recreation and Sports: Toys
India has become a powerful country in the world. The function of women in Indian society is gradually changing and they are obtaining more knowledge of their sexuality. The question if Women of India are allowed to use sex toys is debatable. One's attitude towards sensuality is dependent upon social, religious & geographical backgrounds of people. So, it is closely related to one's upbringing, sexual education, religion, mass media available, as well as another minor factors. So, presently the Western world is a good bit freer from preconceptions when it comes to sex questions when compared with the Eastern society. People have started to express their opinions on love-making without hiding their true feelings and women have become fully aware of their sensuality and sexual needs in the West. Twenty years ago only few women were fully aware of their anatomy & use it to get sexual satisfaction, while at the present time both western males and females apply the knowledge to intensify sexual sensitivity of the latter in order to bring a woman to orgasm. Most Eastern cultures forbid questions about sex, for the most part when it comes to women getting sexual satisfaction. So, the Indian government has forbidden the shipping of sex toys for exmaple vibrators to INDIA. However, due to the access to the Internet, education & the freedoms and rights that Indian women have acquired lately, their views on their sexuality and sexual appeal has changed greatly & they are looking forward to experiencing the climax in the bedroom. Asian females are unwilling to be viewed any longer only as those who bear children and give satisfaction to men. With the sexual revolution the Western culture has had and the info available presently, they know they have the right to have their sexual needs satisfied to the fullest. There is a choice of means women can use to learn more about their sensitive zones and a G-spot to experience physical satisfaction. One of them is through self-satisfaction which can be done manually or with the help of sex toys. Despite the government's prohibition on shipping sex toys to India, there are some Indian agencies that are involved in the sex industry and may provide everyone with everything required. Most of them have a legal right to ship sex toys abiding by the proscription on shipping pornographic magazines and DVDs to India. Sex toys that cannot be purchased in a certain state are usually listed on websites of sex shops. As far as vibrators go, they are available to buy in INDIA if looked for well. Indian females are gradually getting sexually informed through the Internet, mass media & peers and, that is why, require to be treated with respect by their partners. Sex toys are meant to help women understand their sensuality, their sexual needs &, thus, experience more sexual satisfaction in their lives.
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