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Where To Download Online Music?

Date Added: June 18, 2010 07:25:16 AM
Author: caqitlin82
Category: Reference: Arts and Humanities
The Internet abounds in websites that offer music downloads. Some sites charge per digital music download, whereas other websites require a monthly fee for a limitless number of downloads. It has been reported that CD sales are declining (19% in the last couple of years), and online music download sales are speedily raising. Revenues from digital music sales are researched to have virtually tripled last year, with iTunes by Apple accounting for more than 85 percent of single song downloads. Still, this does not mean that Apple is the sole source of online music downloads. Nowadays, legal music download services account for about 6% of record companies' revenues, which is a growth compared to the situation two years ago. There are two types of music download websites - 'rent' and 'buy' services. 'Rent' sites are music websites based on a monthly fee paid to gain access to all the music in the databank. 'Buy' services charge per soundtrack, such as iTunes, where a soundtrack can be burned onto a CD providing that it is paid for. Then the CD can be ripped to the personal computer. Some online music services offer to pay a monthly fee for unlimited listening rights, but also charge to purchase a track. Some digital music download sites are as cheap as 9 cents per average song. Besides, these sites have tracks that can be downloaded in any audio format and quality level. At times music download sites are so cheap and easy to use that a lot of people choose to download soundtracks from these websites instead of ripping CD collections onto the personal computer. For any user downloading tracks onto an iPod or iTunes, it is probably the optimum solution. For any music not intended for being downloaded onto an iPod, any other source of music will suit. When searching for the best quality music downloads, one should look for music download websites offering the largest choice of music that is regularly updated, and high quality downloads. Normally, the price is directly dependent on quality. Hence, a question arises: Is it worth spending a few extra cents? The answer is typically 'YES'.
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