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Preveting Tyre Emergency On The Road

Date Added: April 22, 2010 04:22:19 AM
Author: antdrew19
Category: Blogs: Technology
These days a large number of women live at a busy pace. Many work on a full time basis. They take their children to day care and after-school activities. And a great number of ladies have the extra responsibility of being the household "auto care manager." While automobile care, normally, has been regarded as "men's work", research by the Auto Care Council displays that ladies represent 60% of automotive service customers in North America, and ladies spend more than $300 billion annually on auto maintenance, repairs and used autos. To help keep women "on the go," ladies are advised to visit their local dealership during April Auto Care Month to make certain that their vehicle complies with the safety requirements. Mechanics will show items to be serviced that can help an auto run better, last longer, maintain its value and provide optimal safety and security. Beneath are safety and maintenance tips that help an automobile run at its best heading into the spring and summer travel seasons. Tire Tips Blowouts: If your tire sustains a blowout on the go, do not brake sharply. Doing so can cause the vehicle to move violently in the direction of the blowout. Instead, gently apply the brakes to recover control and slowly head the auto to a safe place away from the road. Air pressure: To avoid under-inflation, it is advised to have your tires' air pressure checked, leastwise, once a month and before every long journey. Tires must be checked when they are cold - that is, when they have run no more than one mile (1.6 km). Under-inflation normally triggers tire blowouts. Tires lose air through a process called permeation. Changes in outdoor temperature can impact on the rate at which a tire blows out. Commonly, a tire loses 1-2 pounds of pressure per month, and even more when the weather is hot. As the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) stated, every time the outside temperature decreases by 10 degrees Fahrenheit, the air pressure in your tires reduces one pound to two pounds per square inch. By following the tips above you will be secure on the road.
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